hat_shep_sut (hat_shep_sut) wrote,

substances flow like sands through my hourglass-shaped body...

It's currently 1:15 in the morning. And, as usual, I can't sleep. I have to work tomorrow. Yes, I finally got a job. I work in the grooming salon at a petstore. Don't hate, congradulate. I know everybody else has shitty part-time jobs as cashiers or waiting tables at some pseudo-upscale restaurant where the customers treat them like dogshit. Haha.

The Golden Rule needs to be revised. Do unto others as others do unto you. Seriously. No one gives a shit how nice you are. What's worse, a lot of people nowadays take advantage of it.

What's with all the commercials for herpes meds featuring women with kayaks? "I used to be a nasty skank with herpes. Now, I'm a nasty skank with herpes who can kayak!" Wow, that's the ULTIMATE 360 right there. All that kayaking and mountain climbing (another herpes commercial pastime) is going to make you an outdoorsy nature guru WITH HERPES. What a promising future.

90 sex offenders live in my area. I've looked at some of their pictures. They look like Halloween costumes.

I used to have a lot of friends. Female friends at that. Then I changed, or at least, I THINK it was me who changed...all the girls I used to hang out with, all they do nowadays when they get together is sit around and argue over which of them has the biggest "rock" (read engagement ring). I don't wish I was engaged like all of them; that's far from the case, I don't want to be responsible for a "big fancy wedding" at some bullshit status church. Actually, I think the main reason I've chosen to remain single for so long is because I don't want to get involved with some guy, get engaged/married and settle with him in some "starter home" here where I live. That'd be kind of a tragedy because then I'd never get to live my own life. He'd be a big football fan, which would mean I'd have to do all the crap that goes with it, meaning tailgating. I HATE TAILGATING. I've done it before. Numerous times. It felt like eternal hell. Walking around in the muddy fairgrounds in heels, a cocktail dress and pearls, being forced to drink beer like everyone else, having to be really sweet and nice to people I don't even like. I'm never doing that shit again.

My dad is an asshole. I hate him.
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