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a pisces (fish) flapping on the dock

little latin boy in drag, why are you crying?

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Established 2.26.83. I make boys and ugly bitches cry. Currently living in the dirty dirty (aka the SOUTH), although not by choice, and when I say "not by choice," no I do not mean I am in the military (some idiot asked me that once, so I had to make sure I covered that). I despise Canadian geese and stupid/ignorant/arrogant people. So if you fit one of those categories, kindly fuck off. I have a black side to me (black as in morbid, not afro) but I am NOT a stereotypical goth. On the other hand, fishnets rock. I don't like people who take drugs...customs officers, for example. Oh, and I'm dead serious about the Canadian geese. All they're good for is shitting on lawns, and that's fucking annoying.