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Sacred. Right.

Some of the things that have happened to me over the past few years, I look back on now and it's just pure comedy. Example: the year I pledged the sorority and the "Initiation Ceremony" thing that goes along with it. Let me first explain the whole pledging and initiation process first, to avoid later confusion. Each year, the sorority invites anywhere from 30 to 90 new girls to join their "sisterhood". These new girls are called pledges, and they go through a "pledge period" during their first few months or so in the sorority, while they learn the history of the chapter, all the symbols and ideologies and all that shit. Then they are initiated, meaning they go through a ritual ceremony thing, after which they become official sisters of the sorority. All the ritual stuff that goes on is a secret that only the intiated sisters know. The initiates are sworn to secrecy.

Well guess what. I'ma spill the beans. What a felony. Haha. Okay, here is what goes on during the ritual ceremony: not a damn thing. It was so fucking boring. It feels like a really REALLY long Catholic mass. Trust. Initiation lasts from like 8 in the morning til 12 noon, and it is a royal pain in the ass. It lasts that long, because they gotta go through each girl. Basically they call the girl up to the "altar" that has been thrown together using a table, tablecloth and two candles. They say a buncha shit, the way a priest does before communion. Then the girl raises her right hand and reads some shit from a book, which I can't remember so it was probably more Catholic ceremonial type shit, the girl returns to where she was standing, and the next girl gets called up and the same shit is done with her. And so on and so forth. Before and after this huge block of the initiation ceremony, the president asks some questions and we have to simultaneously repeat back some shit in Greek, this question and answer shit has been rehearsed earlier. Oh, and we don't even get seats to sit on; we have to stand the entire fucking time. Also, before the ceremony we have to put on these toga/robe things, that look similar to what altarboys wear. Yeah. Only, they've got ribbons on them. I was an altar server for about 4 years when I was younger, so I remember thinking on "Initiation Day," wtf is this bullshit. Ha...so anyway, back to my original point. My pledge class's initiation took place like the first week or so of October. At the end of October our sorority had this Halloween "date party" thing, where each girl could bring two dates. So me and this girl I was friends with at the time, she knew a lot of guys so I took two of her friends. We had to walk the 10 or so blocks to the club where our Halloween party was being held, which we'd called and had reserved for the sorority. Okay, so we were walking, and I said some shit to one of the guys like, "They made us wear togas and shit," talking about initiation. Well the whole sorority had been walking in a sort of single-file line, and whoever was behind me (not the friend who'd set me up with the dates) had overheard me, and she didn't like it because I'd revealed part of the secret ritual. She told the next person in line, etc., etc., until the president and VP and all these other important people in the "inner circle" found out. And they cornered me about it at the party. Told me some shit like, "Those are OUR secrets, you don't just go telling ANYBODY about ritual stuff!" So I was like, "What?" Because by that time I'd completely forgotten about it. And then the president got pissed off and was all, "YOU told one of your dates about OUR ritual robes!!! Those are secret!!!" So then I was like, "Oh. Okay..." and left the corner (they'd cornered me but not trapped me, if that makes sense). And I figured that was that. Until a few weeks later when, after a meeting, my "big sister" gave me a standards letter saying I had a standards meeting. Standards is a committee, and if you've done something bad you have to go talk to the committee. So a few weeks later I went to my Standards Meeting, and I had to walk in the fucking cold pouring rain to one of the freshman girls' dorm buildings, where the Standards Meetings for our sorority were held in their basement. Yes, shady, I know. So I knock on the door to the room where the standards people are, and I'm let in, and there's like 6 girls sitting on couches. The standards committee. They're sitting there with notebooks and appointment books, or something like that, open on their laps and shit. One of the girls says to me, "We understand that you said some stuff at the Halloween party to a noninitiate, about the robes we wear during initiation. That's one of our secret rituals. Don't do that again." I was like, "Okay, I won't do that again." I can't remember if I apologized or not. And then my big sister (she was the head of the standards committee that year) was like, "Thank you for making the long cold walk," and that was about it. Shit, I had to walk all that way for that bullshit. They could've at least had hot chocolate or something. Ha...
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I got your hot chocolate right here Cookie, =).
^ damn Black Stars ahead of me

Anyways just say NO to cult like groups like that :D
Love your site man keep up the good work