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Holy shit...I've had 13 entries for HOW long?

Nah, I'm not THAT supersticious...haha...anyway.

Last year I had a roommate who was happy to a fault. She was so overly cheerful and peppy, that it got on my damn nerves. She was obsessed with all things Disney World, too. Which - okay, the girl would do these Disney internship things at Disney World in Orlando, so I guess MAYBE that was supposed to make it more understandable? I don't know. My opinion - there is nothing "understandable" about a grown ass girl who buys Kleenex boxes that have Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" on them. Um, NO. Not to mention, "Beauty and the Beast" sends out a subconcious message that a woman should stay in an abusive relationship and find the "Prince" within the "Beast". I'm not making this up, this shit has been proven by psychologists and shit. I don't like Disney princesses anyway. Not ever since that 40-something year old man in the Barnes & Noble told me I had a body like a Disney princess and kept following me around the damn store trying to talk to me. Can we say, fuck off? Thank you.

Apparently the movie "Maria Full of Grace/Maria eres llena de gracia" doesn't count as an "authentic" Colombian movie. My Spanish teacher is this semi-artsy Chilean elitist who is all about Spanish and Latin American film and literature. He said the movie doesn't count because the director, Joshua Marston, is American and it was presented by HBO films in association with Tucan Producciones Altercine. Soooo, I changed my Google preferences to Spanish language and typed in "peliculas colombianas" because I wanted to find out just what was so great about "authentic" Colombian and other South American movies. Some of the ones I found are (and I have no idea whatsoever what these movies are about; I just got their titles who directed them): "Edipo alcalde" directed by Jorge Ali Triana (what a fruity ass name for a guy), "Golpe de estadio" by Sergio Cabrera, "Cóndores no entierran todos los días" by Francisco Norden, and "La virgen de los sicarios" by Barbet Schroeder. And there are some more. So yeah, I'll have to check that out whenever I get around to it.

Okay, so I'm in a Spanish Civilization class. Well we just got through with reading about the Moors in Spain, how they arrived across the Strait of Gibraltar. When they got to the Spain side, the leader of the Moorish army, named Tariq ibn Ziyad, allegedly ordered the ships burned. I say "allegedly" because apparenly there's still a dispute about it today between the Western Europeans and the Muslims. The ship burning is only documented in European sources, so I guess the Muslims think Europeans made that shit up. Who knows.

Ugh, I'm tired. Wtf am I still doing up.
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