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"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

Ha. Right. Exam time. Wonderfuckingful. Tis the season to fuck up. Case in point, a redemption request written by yours truly:


I wanted to sincerely apologize for the outline of my oral presentation. This is the website http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%ADa_de_Muertos from where I got the information. I had planned to just pick key points from my outline and talk about them in my own words, but I got nervous and panicked and therefore ended up reading everything on the page, word for word. I tried to incorporate some of my own words into the outline as I was talking. I have a few other sources as well, which are listed below:




I apologize for not writing a full outline myself. It was a misunderstanding as well as a lack of responsibility on my part. I really do have a genuine interest in the Day of the Dead, and I'd be more than happy to write another outline just to prove that I did indeed research this topic.


(my name)

Ok, see what had happened was...hahahaha

In Spanish class, we had to do an oral presentation. I do an outline thing to go off of while doing the oral presentation. I wasn't sure if he was going to take up the outline or not. So, I copied and pasted stuff off of wikipedia.org. And changed a few things around. Why didn't I just write an outline myself? I don't know. When finals and deadlines are approaching, I get so freaked out I can't even think. Sometimes I'll even throw up. Not that anybody needs nor cares to know that. Anyway, the prof. didn't like it too much that I'd put down a bunch of info from the internet and just read it out. So he tells the class, "Please write the outline for your presentation yourself. The assignment was to research a topic, develop it, and make notes to go off of. Anyone can print something off and read it," but the thing was he said this AFTER I'd done my presentation, making me feel like the sacrificial lamb of the class or something. Why does shit like this always happen to me? God. The thing I was most concerned about, I think, was that if there's some policy where if you "plagarize" (which, I never said that I'd written it myself), you get an automatic F in the class. The secondmost thing I'm concerned about (in this class, anyway) is that I need a B in the class in order to take the next advanced Spanish class. It's a prerequisite. Why hadn't I been thinking of this before? Well, I guess I have, in the back of my mind. But I remember talking to another girl in the class, and I asked her what she was doing her oral presentation topic on. She said she was doing her topic on Cuba. Just random facts about Cuba. She said some shit like, "I think if you just talk a lot, he's not going to give a fuck." And mind you, the professor is Cuban. Now, watch her get a better grade than me. Shit like that always happens. Other people can shrug it off and say "oh well" and get away with it, but if I do the same thing, I'm screwed. Maybe I just have crappy judgment skills?

Oh, and I realized something that now has me feeling like Buddha when he reached enlightenment. As I was looking through some pages in my Spanish text (just this one thing and then I'll shut up about the damn Spanish class, I promise), it occurred to me exactly WHY I've been having difficulty with the grammar: a lot of the grammar terminology, I don't even know what that shit means in ENGLISH! DUHHH! Say no to crack! I even made a list of them, which I will look for their meanings tomorrow.

Grammar Terminology

relative pronoun
nonrestrictive clause
compound relatives aka "long forms"
main-clause (verbs, characteristics)
subordinate clause
adjective clause

And that's about it right now. Actually, I've already found the definition for one of them because it was in my textbook: an adjective clause is "a clause that describes a preceding noun." That's some enlightening shit right there. Seriously, these grammatical terms are a fucking revelation at this moment in time. I don't mean to sound like some grammar-obsessed nerdball, but it's true. This sunk in when my eyes came across this sentence in my book: "Quien, which can refer only to people, may be used after a comma (that is, in a nonrestrictive clause) and must be used after a preposition to express who or whom." Um, HELLO? What the fuck is a NONRESTRICTIVE CLAUSE? What the fuck is a PREPOSITION? Maybe if I learned what those things actually were, the shit (the grammar stuff, not the Spanish) wouldn't sound like Mandarin Chinese anymore.

I know the shit that I just wrote would make you believe otherwise, but I'm not boring. However, I wish I were boring. Boring, dull and normal. Possessing those three attributes would make my life a HELL of a lot easier. None of this sporradic madness which I experience on a daily basis. In fact, I'm considering coming out with a hit single called "Fuck you Jesus for not Making me Boring." Catchy. I'll figure out the tune via guitar and the few chords I know, and then go sing and play the guitar in the middle of the patio of the university student union. That should piss off the Baptists and stir up some controversy. Hell, this place NEEDS some controversy pretty badly.

Today something happened that I always wished would. A train passed under the pedestrian bridge as I was walking across it. I stopped on the bridge and let the train pass under my feet. I got to see that A.) the cars on the trains don't have tops to them like I'd thought, and B.) these cars (on this particular train anyway) were filled with shredded wood chips. Like the shit that's used for outdoor rabbit hutches and dog beds. I mean, wtf, THAT is what they transport by rail? Damn. Then as I stood there, I imagined myself jumping. I couldn't because the bridge is guarded by a very high chain-link fence thing, but I just imagined it. Jumping and being transported to some mystery place. Probably a shitty mystery place.
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