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goddamnit I want my pay...

Today I've got to see someone at work about payroll and how it's being done. I'm technically still "training" because there's this list thing, only it's not filled in yet. I'm supposed to fill it along the way, each time I bathe a dog. When the sheet is full, I'll be an "official" dogbather. The lady who's training me (I guess that would make her my boss - can you tell I haven't worked before?:P) explained how the list would work, and then she told me, something like, "You fill out this list and you have to bathe this many dogs, and then you can start earning money." I don't know what the fuck that means. I'm afraid to ask her because she intimidates me. Me, intimidated? Yeah, that's right. I talk a lot of shit and my bark is stronger than my bite. I admit it (which mos def counts for something - how many people actually admit shit like that?). Anyway, I'm off to dry my hair and leave for work...ugh.
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